Foxwell NT510 on BMW 90 VS Carly App in terms of diagnostics

So what would be the difference between these and Carly app in terms of diagnostics? I know coding wise there are pros and cons between them.

Bellow is my personal experience.

mho the Schwaben/Foxwell tool is a lot better in terms of diagnostics. It has a lot more functionality in terms of reading live data, freeze frame data, activating individual components to check for faults etc. If you had a tricky fault i’d say you have a much better chance of pinpointing it with the Schwaben/Foxwell tool.

It also has a lot more functionality i terms of DIYs since it can do resets/adaptations

The interface and connection is also a lot better than Carly.

I like the fact that Carly can do simple coding but in general i’m not a fan of their interface and their connection is pretty bad…. even when compared to other wifi based iOS OBD apps

bmw R53 with foxwell nt510-01

Foxwell nt510: