Foxwell nt510 on Porsche 911 997 for diagnosis, service, coding etc.

How to use Foxwell nt510 on Porsche 911 997 incl. service, diagnosis, coding etc.

One user made this video review of some of the major functions of the nt510 with Porsche software.

He feed backed it offers remarkable functionality for the price and most of the functions the durametric pro offers.

The only feature lacking currently is the service reset but im told they are scheduling an update for that.

in the video

1:00 –  Intro and live data streaming and recording

1) Select “Porsche”

2) Select “Manual selection”.

3) Select “911 (997)”

4) Main menu

Diagnosis, hot function and programming


5) Go first “Diagnosis”, then “Control units”.

6) Control units to select.

7) Enter “DME”, it means the ECU of the car.

ECU information

Read codes

Erase codes

Live data

Active test

Special functions

8) Go into “Live data”.

9) Temperatures

10) PSM

11) Go “Active test”.

12) Pump motor activation

4:43 – Special functions for example ABS pump cycling

Special functions include: Control unit replacement, static test, inspections / tests, ABS bleed, calibration etc.


Go to “Bleed”.

6:56 – Vehicle data specifically this case overrev report

Back to choose “Special Functions” then “Vehicle data”.

9:08 – Coding Modules.

Foxwell NT510 has lots of possible programming. You can go to everything you want.

Edit flasher repeater.

Press finish

Besides, you can code a ton of comfort convenience functions. You can clear airbags as well.


the nt510 does most of the functions of remotekey. The windows on my 9971 have 1 press auto down for the passenger side and one press auto up only after the windows halfway up. I notice even on the remote key description it says that some cars will only be able to do 1 press auto up after their halfway up as well. I have a feeling its the exact same as on my car. You can activate all the comfort functions from the remote key fobs and you can mess with the alarm horn chime etc etc.


He said ” I got mine direct from foxwell on sale for $159 and it cae with one free car software. You can load several manufacturers on there if u have several cars.


They also have a newer nt520 available for $179 now with support for lancia, Mercedes, Volvo, PSA etc.


Credits to @ bhvrdr (Rennlist Member)

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