Foxwell NT510 Porsche scanner VS Durametric – Foxwell better for diyers / amateurs

(Quote) We’ve had complaints about Durametric Service before.
Durametric do not seem to be listening to us diy-ers. They seem to respond to the Pros.
I understand that ignorant amateurs can be a pain to deal with but that is the market they chose to serve with the Enthusiast Version.
It is a far more serious condemnation of Durametric if they just stonewall us about defects in their software and hardware that they are not only aware of but are actively trying to fix.
Not surprisingly they now have a competitor – FOXWELL .
This market was owned by Durametric- solid. If they don’t get this attitude fixed they will loose it because if I have to pay the Dealer to do what my Duramteric should do – why don’t I just dump it and buy the competitor- Foxwell?
Get a grip Durametric !We don’t need you anymore. Foxwell is self contained & is way more convenient than having to use a Durametric cable with a Laptop !


(Quote) I came across this Foxwell reader that has specific software for Porsche. Looking at the modules it works with and what it can do, it appears to have functional equivalence to Durametric, and it is self-contained. It also does not have a VIN limitation. All for $155. Whether it really works, and how well is another matter. Also, it is fundamentally still software so bugs remain a fact of life. However, had I known about it I would have probably tried it before buying Durametric.


Thanks to Schnell Gelb and Bal who are the posters on

In conclusion: their point of view does not respective our attitude, but think it is interesting so would like to share here for your reference.