Foxwell NT510 Reset 2008 Honda CR-V High Idle Fault Code P0507

Car model and year: 2008 Honda CR-V



With a high idle on cold startup showing code P0507. after removed and cleaned the throttle body. I tried the relearn process but that didn’t work.



The final fix for me was to use scanner tool (Foxwell NT510 for Honda) and reset the throttle position.

There’s a path:

Honda ->USA -> Start New session -> Control Unit -> PGM FI -> TP Position Check -> Not “Yes” to reset the TP learning value -> back to erase code -> reset check engine light.


throttle position reset honda civic 02 - Foxwell NT510 Reset 2008 Honda CR-V High Idle Fault Code P0507







This particular model was Honda specific and bi-directional (read and write certain values to the ECU) . One of Foxwell NT510 capability is being able to reset the throttle position in the ECU.
Whereas, a standard generic cheaper scan tool can read and clear the error codes, but can’t perform any settings in the ECU.


The second choice:

Foxwell NT510 scan tool sounds perfect. However, someone may be questioning it because of the price. that’s super cheap for bidirectional capabilities. Or not only have Honda to diagnose, better get one that has other makes or all makes built in.


***I also looked at FOXWELL NT680, which covers more makers and models and supports for more modules. But that was too much scanner for my need at that time. So I went with the cheaper one that fixe my specific issue.