Foxwell NT510 same as Schwaben tool from ECS

Got home late and I had an Foxwell box staring at me on my whatever you call it a desk. So far I’m really impressed, this is not junk, this is a dealer OE professional tool, quality is bang drop rugged shock resistant, the display is a very good quality TFT

Just updated the software, I can tell you guys strait up this is a INPA and BT Tool all in one plus more. No VIN locks, you can actually SAVE VIN with their associated modules.

It does a damn good job of identifying the car by scanning the VIN and it will pull all the “specifics” about your car.

The hard part is having it scan all your modules in the beginning for the first time. Better have a battery charger. After it has completed scanning all modules it maps them out and you save them to your VIN.
Foxwell NT510 same as Schwaben tool from ECS Foxwell NT510 same as Schwaben tool from ECS

Ok, I just went through just about everything on this device. It is, without doubt, very similar to the BT Tool and INPA in regards to enabling/disabling modules, clearing shadow codes, scanning and clearing modules codes and resetting adaptations.

Instead of searching for errors for the overall vehicle health you can just have it scan each module automatically for error codes and address whatever it is.

Keep in mind this is a diagnostic and maintenance tool, so don’t compare it to COBB or MHD flashers which have superior capabilities for channel logging in which MHD is by far the best at doing. This scan tool lacks logging all 6 cylinders, and this is a must for the BMW community, however, not a need if its already being done with the flasher devices.

Non of the flashers have the feature to log and access the TCU performance for 6AT/DKG/DCT transmissions. I am sure MHD can add these, but right now not available in MHD but available in this tool

I was unable to test out the ABS-DSC modules, it kept freezing. I sent a ticket in on this problem with it. On my Mini Cooper it works flawlessly though.

Currently the “Service” option is not available, where you can reset service counters, and manipulate dates for service due dates or to see if your coming near a due maintenance. The BT Tool has this. This scan stool is setup for it but the software has not been implemented yet

There is no coding availability. The hardware DOES support it, but there is no software support at this time. The only things that can be done with Injectors is enabling disabling for whatever reason for testing. I will still go back over the tool again to confirm hoping I didn’t miss something as its a lot of stuff to comb through, but I’m pretty sure no coding support at this time.

I will still follow up with a video walk through, it definitely better than getting a BT tool that locks VIN and not progressive about their software or hassling with INPA which is a challenge to use for those who lack in certain PC skills. However, Foxwell tool NT510 is very supportive and active in the community so I am sure with some push this scanner will be up to par with the community’s needs.

I would also like to correct myself, the expected update has not been released yet. The update I ran was an older update from 2015. So all of this is probable going to be addressed in the expected update that was mentioned before.

The final tip- Foxwell tool is Schwaben tool

I think there is no difference between the Schwaben tool from ECSthe gray body tool sold under the model 14020sch and this NT510 
From what I can tell, the button layout, LCD, menus and functions appear to be the same. The manuals for both are also identical.

The Foxwell tool has been good to me on other items and I understand they need to mark up what they sell to stay in business. It seems like ECS is being shady and undercutting their distributors. Changing body colors, using a different model sticker, then marketing it at a higher price, is lame IMHO.