Foxwell NT510 scanner work ok on BMW e88 2010 at a decent price

Last week I got a Foxwell NT510 scanner at a decent price $179, I am looking at the nt510 as a useful tool for my 2010 BMW e88, it support reprogramming of injector values and Engine idol speeds and it can be used on it,so far, everything is OK.

Tips on reprogramming of injector values: For those who are using the Foxwell scan tool, when you are entering the new injector values you need to press the Start button twice to put the car into “ignition mode” before you try to save the values.

Back when we had keys that turned, the first click was ‘accessories’, the second was ignition. On the E90 one press turns on accessories, two presses puts the car into ignition mode.

TL;DR: If the scan tool is giving an error when saving the new values it’s because the car/dme isn’t in ignition mode, press the start button twice.

Here a case that had the following codes all followed by “/not present”

5E18 DCS: Engine Management Interface

5E19 DSC: Engine Management Interface

2F9A DME: ambient temperature, signal

2CFB DME: throttle valve adaptation value


Cleared them all.

Could not find anything regarding LVS adaptations. Is this in the software update for this? I can find battery regs iteration but not anything regarding LVS.

I thought I did that because I remember reading about it but if it’s in there.. I guess not.

Car still idling “rough” as in a shudder can be felt in the car and through the shifter when idling about once every 2 seconds… But I will update my scan tool software because that must be the reason why I can’t find this LVS adaptations selection unless it is hiding somewhere that doesn’t seem apparent.