Foxwell NT510 vs. NT624 vs. NT644 vs. NT644 Pro vs. NT414

Foxwell NT510 Vs NT624 Vs NT644 Vs NT644 Pro Vs NT414 in the term of function, vehicle coverage, control system etc.


  1. Foxwell NT510 vehicle coverage and function – Most powerful ($145 free shipping on sale)

Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner has the same function as GT80Plus / GT80 / GT80 Mini, it is optional add up to 5 car brands, add one for only 70USD. The optional brands incl. Chrysler GM Honda, Accura Hyundai, Kia Toyota, Lexus, Sicon Land Rover, Jaguar OPEL, Vauxhall VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda BMW Fiat American Ford Mazda Maserati Ferrari Aston Martin Volvo.


You can use NT510 to do OBDII diagnosis as well as special function incl. coding, register new battery, DPF regeneration, ABS, TPS, EPB, oil reset tool, abs bleeding, actuation of the abs pump, SAS and Bi-directional control tests etc


  1. Foxwell NT624 is full-system diagnosis for full car makes, but its diagnostic function is not as powerful as NT510. $219 free shipping at


  1. NT644 = NT624+Special function ($395 free shipping)

Foxwell NT644 : cover full system

Foxwell NT644 function:

Yes: can perform 2 sysetem (ABS and Airbags), 4 systems (Engine, ABS, Airbags, Gearbox) or all systems, and you want this tool to perform EOBD engine management, live sensor data, reset service light, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) service,

No:Foxwell NT644 can’t perform Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) functions, car battery configuration, SAS and Bi-directional control tests

Here NT644 multi-brand full-system scanner feedback


  1. Foxwell NT644 Pro = NT644 function + DPF + battery configuration+ SAS + Bi-directional control tests

PS: some site is not available with NT644 Pro, but able to pay additional $$$ to authorize the extra function DPF + battery configuration+ SAS + Bi-directional control tests. example.

  1. Foxwell NT414: $169 free shipping on sale

Diagnose four systems for all makes – Yes

Special function – No


Here a comparison table, PS: Foxwell NT641 is out of stock.