Foxwell NT510 VW / Audi scan tool review on Audi B6

Overall I’m very pleased with Foxwell NT510 VW / Audi scan tool, it’s worth the $$$.

Have an older series Audi – B6, and bought Foxwell NT510 after trying the local market (auto zone, pepboys, etc). After about 3 returns I decided to read the reviews on this one. Not only was it cheaper than the units that perform equivalent functions, but it was also made by a pretty reputable company.

Foxwell NT510 VW / Audi scan tool review on Audi B6

So I got the Foxwell NT510, and like the kid at heart I am, I ripped the box open and used it immediately! I registered the scan tool with Foxwell, setup an account, and checked for updates. this should have been my first good review because the web site is very helpful and unlimited in real useful information on how to download Audi software for free from

>Started right up, and I was amazed by the amount of access this tool got me. I started to dig down layers into the ECU’s system. Pretty impressive for a $155 tool. After about an hour and 2 ‘king sized raws’ i decided to call it a night.

Overall I’m very pleased. My only complaint is that it was a PIA to extract my live data from the device onto my computer; I’m still trying to figure that part out. Otherwise a good purchase!!