Foxwell NT520 BMW E90 diagnostic & coding reviews

Some users think highly of Foxwell NT520 / NT510 BMW diagnostic scanner & service tool, they like Foxwell NT520 more than they can say.


Review 1:

I like my Foxwell

NT510. Last weekend, I changed the fuel filter, the auto transmission filter/pan and differential oil.

With the NT520, I was able to activate the lift fuel pump to purge the air and reset the transmission adaptation. Everything went smoothly. I also have Carly BMW but I will say the NT510 is way superior to Carly.

Review 2:

The ONLY low-cost tool I’ve ever seen that support multiple OEMs is the Foxwell NT510/520, which is $150, and allows multiple OEM-specific software packages to be purchased and loaded into the device for ~$60 eachThe BMW-software for the NT520 is EXCELLENT, and provides access to not only the engine computer, but virtually ALL computers on the car – Engine, transmission, brakes, ABS, Traction Control, Air Bags, Audio, Navigation, Climate Control, Locks, Alarm, etc. etc.

In my book, the ONLY scanner to buy at the present time is the Foxwell. The initial $150 purchase includes ONE OEM-specific software package, so if you ONLY need a BMW scanner, $150 is your total price. It is an EXCELLENT scanner, and mine has already paid for itself many times over in the ~9 months I’ve owned it.


Review 3:

I can vouche for the Foxwell, used it on both the E90 as well as a mini. Does everything it says it will.


BMW E90 diagnostic & coding tool, which one?

For E9X BMWs here are your options for diagnostics from cheapest to most expensive:

1) BMW INPA or ISTA Software (Free) on a windows laptop and a $15 K+D Can cable.
Foxwell NT520 BMW E90 diagnostic & coding reviews

2) Foxwell NT520 or NT510 Scanner loaded with the BMW software ($150) (Software for other makes are available for download at $60 a pop).
Foxwell NT520 BMW E90 diagnostic & coding reviews


3) Autel Maxisys or Maxidas DS808 ($600 to $2500). This is a professional level diagnostics tool that mechanics and repair facilities will use. It does everything that BMW ISTA/INPA and Foxwell NT510/NT520 can do but the advantage is that it comes loaded with software for all Makes and Models (Asian, European, American).
Foxwell NT520 BMW E90 diagnostic & coding reviews

All 3 of these options are better than a stupid generic OBD2 scanner in that these have the ability to connect to each individual module on the car and read manufacturer specific codes.

If you have multiple cars in your family, the “best value” is the Autel Maxidas DS808. At around $650 it covers every make and model. We have 2 BMWs, 1 Honda, 1 Toyota, 1 Lexus.


If for home use, you can have one Foxwell NT520, which can add up to 5 car brands, one sales for only 60USD, and easy to take and use without one computer.