Foxwell NT520 BMW Honda Feedback: rate 5 stars

Great tool (Foxwell NT520) with great price. Ordered it online and arrived in great condition after 6 days.


Downloaded BMW software with no problems using the instructions provided online and the FoxScanner software. The BMW software seems to be the best available for this price range (I tried tools from three other manufacturers before I decided to stick with the NT520).


Requested second software (Honda) as per instructions and received it in two days. The Honda software has a few bugs but I hope they will be taken care of in future software releases.


The current FoxScanner software also has a bug as far as printing is concerned. On Windows 10, the scanner is recognized as a USB device only if it is placed on “Update” mode. And this is the only way to print using the FoxScanner software.


Overall, I rate the entire experience five stars.


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Foxwell NT520 BMW Honda Feedback: rate 5 stars