Foxwell NT520 BMW software unregistered? 2 solutions here

Any experiences good or bad with Foxwell NT520 scanner purchase direct from Foxwell? I’ve been unable to register the product and download the BMW software. First the website wouldn’t allow me to register the product giving me repeated “error” messages after pressing enter. Now it states the s/n is not valid.

I need the scanner to diagnose me electric water pump problems (separate thread).

The website doesn’t want the SN on the back of the scanner; it wants the SN when you power on the scanner under settings.


I just got one foxwell nt520 loaded with BMW software ( BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce) capable. It is quick, slick and reliably.
I have used it on my e46 and my e90. The screens are intuitive and it feels well built. I don’t know if it is a shop quality tool in terms of endurance but it sure seems a perfect weekend warrior tool.
Added bonus, my seller was $159 free shipped. The scanner was registered to the vendor but he left a number to message to request it be reset. My account works and my scanner is registered in my name now.
I will likely add the Audi software next and use it on my B8 A4.

So far, I love it.

And for old BMW with 20pin port, you need one 20pin cable, then this package is nice choice.
BMW version of Foxwell NT520 scanner Plus BMW 20 Pin Socket and connector