Foxwell NT520 Function is not the same as Foxwell NT650

Fact: Foxwell NT520 Function is not the same as Foxwell NT650.

Foxwell NT650 wins in covering all car brands; Foxwell NT520 can’t.


Case study:

Hello Foxwell,

I am interested in an ODB2 scanner for use with my 2007 Toyota Highlander

and 2009 Lexus RX350. I would like bidirectional capability to bleed my ABS

brake system on the Toyota and Lexus, also I would like to be able to read

transmission fluid temperature on the Toyota or Lexus.


I am looking for the most cost-effective choice that will fulfill the above

requirements. The NT650 looks like a good choice, but you may have a better



Thank you.


For the functions you need above. We would recommend the NT520 pro

It covers all functions, and is specific for one vehicle make, also support to add extra vehicle make at 60USD each, you can have a look.


Thank you for your reply. If I wanted more ability to read other cars,

what would be other good choices – the NT650 looks much like the NT520 pro, but with

the ability to work with many more cars included while not costing very much more.

Thank you.


Foxwell NT650 will cover special functions, but it doesn’t have the Full system diagnostic functions. All depend on your needs.

You can also have a look at the NT644 pro or the GT80 series.

The End.