Foxwell NT520 GM multi-system diagnostic function list & feedback

Foxwell NT520 multi-system scanner can diagnose most of GM 1996 – 2016 year, it can access to all systems including Engine drive, chassis and Body all system module. This post is on its function list, coverage, update, language, license etc.


Foxwell NT520 GM scanner function list

Incl. Year, vehicle type, make, vehicle, control unit, ECU info, read codes, Erase code, Live data, Active test, special function etc.

Compatible Vehicles:

CHEVROLET (1996-2016)

CADILLAC (1996-2016)

BUICK (1996-2016)

GMC (1996-2016)

PONTIAC (1996-2013)

SATURN (1996-2013)

HUMMER (1996-2013)


Advanced Functions Available with this Scanner:

– Crankshaft Variation Relearn Function

– Throttle Body Alignment

– Oil/Service/Brake Service Reset Function

– Electronic Parking Brake Reset Function

– Brake Autobleed Function

– Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

– Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration


Attach a little part here on Foxwell NT520 GM special functions:


Foxwell NT520 highlights:

  1. Foxwell NT520 wins many other GM scanner because you can purchase GM brand software alone, also it allows you to buy more licenses so you can have multiple platforms on the same scanner (about 70usd per one).


  1. It works alone without connecting to a computer to diagnose and perform special functions.


  1. Foxwell NT520 GM scanner update:

Free update online lifetime on

Have no idea on how to update Foxwell NT520, read this update instruction.


  1. Foxwell NT520 GM scanner language:

English, Français, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, Русский, Nederlands, Português, 한국어|, Italiano, Svenska, ภาษาไทย



Foxwell NT520 GM scanner Feedback: Pay for what I get

  1. It allows you to buy more licenses so you can have multiple platforms on the same scanner.


  1. I needed this to “re-learn” the new throttle body that I put on my 2010 Silverado. It worked perfectly ! Before I used this…. my idle speed was way off, and made driving difficult at best after I changed my throttle body. After aligning my throttle body with the scan tool it idled perfectly and drove nicely. It has many, many more features that I haven’t even used yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so in the future.


  1. I bought this to program fobs and replacement radio on my 2004 Cadillac cts. So far I’ve got my fobs programmed. So far this scanner is awesome. Only bad thing is downloading the programs. Its somewhat a pain.

PS: by following this post, you will feel easier to register and update.



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