Foxwell NT520: How to purchase additional software for other car makes?

Foxwell NT520 multi-system multi-brand diagnostic & service reset tool can work with 24 car makes so far. Same as Foxwell NT510, Foxwell NT520 is shipped with one free software and allowed user to add up to 5 car brands anytime at extra cost. When you receive Foxwell NT520, you can contact dealer or following the steps below to buy extra software.


Firstly, let’s have a look at Foxwell NT520 all customizable software for the car makes:

Mercedes Benz (Foxwell NT510 doesn’t have)


Alfa Romeo


Au Ford

BMW, Mini





Hyundai, Kia


Land Rover, Jaguar

Lancia  (Foxwell NT510 doesn’t have)

Toyota, Lexus, Scion


Opel, Vauxhall


VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat




Aston Martin and more.



Buy extra software for Foxwell NT520

STEP 1/5

Log in at foxwell official site and go to your Member Center, click “Registered Products”.


STEP 2/5

Find the NT520 serial number and click the “Software Details”, you will see all software already installed on this scanner and all software available to buy.


STEP 3/5

Select the software you need and click “Add To Cart” button.

Click the “Shopping Cart” at the top right of the website to go to the “Shopping Cart Page”.


STEP 4/5

You can manage your shopping cart by clicking “Delete” to delete the software that you don’t need or click “Continue Shopping” to go back to “Member Center” page to add software. If you have finished shopping, please click “Proceed” to “Checkout” and follow the on-screen guide to go to the payment page.


STEP 5/5

When the payment is made successfully, the software would be listed in the available updates list of “Foxscanner” and you are able to update it.


Finally, you are ready to use Foxwell NT520 to perform diagnostic and service reset functions. Generally speaking Foxwell NT520 can offer the following functions. Some of the listed functions are manufacture dependent. The functions and vehicle coverage expand with new update release.

  1. Diagnostic

Works on almost all electronic systems

OBDI and OBDII compatibility

Reads and clear codes

Reads/records/graphs live sensor data

Freeze frame data

ECU information

Multilingual menu and codes

Code troubleshooters

Hot keys for quick access of data


  1. Service reset

Full system diagnosis


Oil service reset

DPF Reset



Battery Configuration

TPMS/CVT/Injector/Odometer/Gear Learn

Other service maintenance function

Foxwell NT520 for sale:

Same price as Foxwell NT510