Foxwell NT520 multi-system scanner FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Topic: gather several FAQ of Foxwell NT520 multi-system scanner so that more users can read them and get a quick answer here.

Q:What is the difference between the NT510 & NT520?

A: The difference is NT520 add more vehicles, and you have new choice for Benz and Alfa romeo,lancia which NT510 not supported. As for the BMW, Ford, GM… NT510 and NT520 will functions the same.
Actually, the NT510 stop production now and NT520 is produced to replace the NT510, so the NT520 will totally cover all functions that NT510 does.
Another difference is NT520 updated the firmware.

Details here:

Foxwell NT520 multi-system scanner FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Topic : Software authorization

Q: I bought my Foxwell NT520 with a request and payment for additional Benz software to be loaded on my computer.

It came without the software and I am trying to download it. How do I download the software for Benz?

The serial number for my scanner is N5Bxxxxxxxxxx. The order number was: FW181xxxxxxxx. The transaction ID was: 448xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Thank you.

A: Yes, that’s true that Foxwell NT520 doesn’t come with the paid software, you can download the specific software for free from official website:

just follow this file to download and use:

Q:Question about the the NT520:  If I order a 520 + an additional software (or 2?), does it come pre-authorized/installed , i.e. “ready-to-go?”
A: The NT520 comes with no car specific software as default, you can download the specific software for free from official website:
Here is the update guide for your reference:After you downloaded the first free software, please give us the S/N of your NT520 and the extra software version you need so that we can activate the second one for you.
Foxwell NT520 multi-system scanner FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Topic:Additional Software Purchase

Q: I currently have Foxwell NT510 with BMW software installed and I want to buy Mercedes software to install in NT510, but I don’t see the Mercedes option listed for download. Please advise

A: Please pay additional 60USD here

Then provide the customer service with the serial number of NT510, and wait for authorization. Here are customer service contact info: or leave message after place order.

Q:How many makes can it store in one unit?
I have a BMW, a Toyota and s Mercedes.
How much is each additional car make to add?
Does the NT510 do the service/oil reset ??

A: The engineer suggest 5 at most install in one unit at a time. If you need more vehicle makes, you can uninstall one of them and install the one when you need. Next time, if you need it, you can install it back. The installation and update is for lifetime free after you purchase the vehicle make at first.
The extra vehicle costs 60USD each.
The NT520/NT510 both support service /oil rest.

Q: I was wondering if you have distribution here in the US?

A: have US warehouse so that the US customers can receive Foxwell NT520 as soon as possible and save the customs.


Q: I have Foxwell NT520 with BMW loaded, I don’t need it anymore, I need Benz software, how to do?

A: Please give the customers service the serial number to unregistered BMW and add Benz software.


Q: Which Foxwell model is recommended for European cars?

A: Please refer to


Q: Can FOXWELL NT520 Pro work on the two BMW models and perform these capabilities?

2009 BMW X-3 X-Drive 3.0 Litre Engine

2008 BMW 135i Coupe M-Pacakge

reset Air Bag, Adjustable HID Headlight Moudule Reset Program, Fuel Injection Coding Reset, ABS, Oil Change Reset etc?

Does the package include detailed manual on how to operate?

A: Yes, Foxwell NT520 can, there is no detailed procedure in the manual, it varies from one car model to the other ones, Foxwell NT520 is a menu-driven tool, just follow the instruction to operate.

Foxwell NT520 multi-system scanner FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can Foxwell NT520 / NT644 diagnose any codes on my truck and reset check engine light?

A: Yes, they can.


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