Foxwell NT520 Peugeot Car list, Function List, Special Function List

Foxwell NT520 Peugeot scanner car list, function list, special function list free download:

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This excel includes vehicle type, sub vehicle, year, menu, system name, ECU name, ECU info, Read Codes, Erase codes, Live data, Active test and special functions.

Foxwell NT520 Peugeot Car list, Function List, Special Function List

Here I’d like to pull out the special function list below.

Index Specil Function Name Index Special Function Name
01001 Cable Tensioning 01002 Deactivation of the automatic application of the Electric Parking Brake Function
01003 Electric Parking Brake Calibration 01004 Put In Fitting / Removal Position
01005 Reactivation of automatic application of the Electric Parking Brake 02001 Change of Tyre Fit
02002 Valve Search Faulty 02003 Deactivation / Activation Of The Tyre Underinflation Detection Function
02004 Erasing Of The Secondary Wheels 02005 Initialisation of a single wheel transmitter module
02006 Initialisation of the Wheel Transmitter Modules 02007 Program Additional Wheel Set
02008 Programming of The Wheel Sensors 02009 Read Wheel Transmitter Module Identifiers
02010 Valve Programming Check 02011 Write Identifiers By Exciting Wheel Transmitter Modules
02012 Write Wheel Transmitter Module Identifiers By References 02013 Tyre above specification
03001 “Arduous” Maintenance Schedule
03002 “Normal” Maintenance Schedule 03003 Maintenance
03004 Maintenance Indicator Reset 03005 Maintenance Limit
03006 Reset Maintenance Information 03007 Service Indicator
03008 Service Information Reset 04001 Additive Circuit Pipe And Pump Replacement
04002 Additive ECU 04003 Additive Type Configuration
04004 Additive Tank Top Up Or Replacement (Low Additive Level Led Illuminated) 04005 Cleaning Or Replacement Of The Particulate Emission Filter
04006 Configuration Of The Additive ECU 04007 Configuration Of The Amount Of Additive In The Particle Filter
04008 Configuration Of The Quantity Of Additive Present In The Particle Emission Filter 04009 Filling Of The Additive Reservoir Or Pouch
04010 Filling Of The Diesel Additive Adding Reservoir 04011 Filling Of The Reservoir, Lighting Of The Low Additive Level Warning Light
04012 Forced Regeneration Of The Particle Emission Filter 04013 Forced Regeneration Of The Particle Filter, Vehicle Stationary
04014 Forced Regeneration Vehicle Moving 04015 Forced Regeneration Vehicle Stationary
04016 Particle Filter Replacement 04017 Programming Of The Quantity Of Additive Remaining In The Reservoir
04018 Programming Of The Total Additive Quantity 04019 Programming Of The Total Quantity Of Additive Injected Into The Particulate Emission Filter
04020 Replacement Of The Particle Emission Filter 04021 Replacement Of The Diesel Additive Reservoir, Of The Pump Or Of The Pipes
04022 Replacement Of The Additive ECU 04023 Replacement Or Filling Of The Diesel Additive Tank
04024 Filling Of The Additive Reservoir 04025 Replacement Of The Additive Adding Ecu
04026 Replacement Of The Additive Pump 04027 Replacement Of The Ecu With Reading / Writing Of The Adaptive Data
04028 Replacement Of The Ecu Without Reading / Writing Of The Adaptive Data 04029 Replacement Of The Metering Pump Or Replacement Of The Reservoir
04030 Replacement Of The Particle Emission Filter And Work On The Additive Adding Circuit 05001 Calibration Of The Gyrometer / Accelerometer Sensor
05002 Calibration Of The Steering Wheel Angle Sensor : C2, C3, C3 Pluriel, New Look C5 With Esp Mk60 05003 Calibration Of The Steering Wheel Angle Sensor
05004 Clutch Pedal Position Sensor Calibration 05005 De-Calibration Of The Steering Wheel Angle Sensor
05006 Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor Calibration 05007 Replacement Of The Paddles At The Steering Wheel
05008 Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Programming 05009 Programming Of The Immobiliser Code For The Electric Steering Lock
05010 Resetting Of The Paddles At The Steering Wheel Counter 05011 Steering Column Functions
05012 Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Calibration 06001 Bleeding
06002 Bleeding Of The Hydraulic Block ABS8.0 06003 Bleeding Of The Hydraulic Block ASR8.0
06004 Bleeding Of The Hydraulic Unit Regulation Circuit 06005 Bleeding Of The Precharge Pump Circuit
06006 Bleeding Of The Hydraulic Circuit 06007 Bleeding Of The Hydraulic Block ABS MK100
07001 Initialisation of Diesel Injector 07002 Initialisation of The Air Flow Sensor
07003 Initialisation of The Ecu Supply 07004 Initialisation Of The EGR Butterfly
07005 Initialisation Of The EGR Valve 07006 Initialisation Of The Gearbox Actuator
07007 Initialisation Of The Oxygen Sensor 07008 Initialisation Of The Turbocharger Turbine Valve 2 (Vt2)
07009 Injection Ecu Initialisation Procedure 07010 Re-Centring Of Autoadaptive Systems
07011 Initialising The Autoadaptives 07012 Classification of injector 1
07013 Classification of injector 2 07014 Classification of injector 3
07015 Classification of injector 4 07016 Classification of the 4 injectors
08001 Overall check of the sensors
09001 Configuration 09002 Automatic configuration
09003 Manual configuration 09004 Customer configuration
09005 Vehicle configuration 09006 Configuration of the personalisation menu
09007 Configuration of options 09008 Radio configuration
09009 Antenna configuration 09010 VIN configuration
09011 Configuration of the instrument panel 09012 Configuration of the telematic unit
09013 Juke-box 09014 Services and associated telephone numbers
09015 Emergency battery 09016 ECU downloading
09017 Write VIN 09018 ECU configuration
10001 Key programming 10002 Programming / matching
10003 Locking/Unlocking 10004 Routine
11001 Oil wear counter 11002 Accelerator pedal initialisation
12001 Replacement of the automatic gearbox without its ECU 12002 Replacement of the ECU without the automatic gearbox
12003 Replacement of the automatic gearbox and its ECU 12004 Replacement of the ECU
12005 Writing of the alcohol content 12006 Replacement parts

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