Foxwell NT520 Porsche car list, function list & special functions

I wanted to know if I bought Foxwell NT520 to work with Porsche, what models it can work with, what it can do? Then I got one official PDF which includes Foxwell NT520 Porsche car list, OBD diagnostic functions and special functions.

Link here:


As you can see, it includes type of car, year, system, ECU info, read codes, erase codes, live data and active test, special functions etc.


Looking at the modules it works with and what it can do, it appears to have functional equivalence to Durametric, and it is self-contained. It also does not have a VIN limitation. All for $179. Whether it really works, and how well is another matter. Also, it is fundamentally still software so bugs remain a fact of life. However, had I known about it I would have probably tried it before buying Durametric.


Foxwell NT520 pros: Foxwell NT520 is more suitable for the DIYers. Foxwell is self contained & is way more convenient than having to use a Durametric cable with a Laptop !