Foxwell NT530 BMW EPB replacement good feedback

This poster was very glad to receive a Foxwell NT530 user’s good feedback.

On the one hand, team am very happy to hear the affirmation of Foxwell products and the recognition of our Emilia service. Please allow me to copy his original words, hoping to help those who are interested in the this product.


If you’re thinking of buying this product (Foxwell NT530 full-system scanner) take note. I’m retirement age, old school and not the most tech savvy. I own a newer BMW with electric parking brake (UGH) and the only way to replace the brake pads is to retract electrically with a scanner or disassemble and retract manually, (not the ideal way). ordered this scanner to save time and money.


Was kept informed on delivery date with slight delay in June due to mail system. Didn’t try using until after the date to be able to return.


Like other users I had problems registering and downloading the BMW software I assumed was preinstalled. After no success I emailed foxwell and surprisingly received a quick response from Emilia in customer service. she sent to me install links and information that had me up and going. yes it was a little confusing for someone like me but if I can do it anyone can easily. (Note: when inputting serial number off the back of your unit, CASE SENSITIVE, make sure to use caps and lower case exactly as printed, they use a combo of both and that was one of my problems).


Tried it out on my car and works perfectly, saved 3 times the cost of scanner over 1 brake pad replacement job from dealer. If I could I’d give it a 10, 5 for the product and 5 for Emilia!

Foxwell NT530 BMW EPB replacement good feedback Foxwell NT530 BMW EPB replacement good feedback Foxwell NT530 BMW EPB replacement good feedback

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