Foxwell NT530 diagnose Audi IMMO ECU step by step

Use Foxwell NT530 to access to the Audi IMMO ECU step by step, the whole procedure runs happily and perfectly.


Select “VW (VAG)”.

In the following image, there are EOBD, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Toyota etc, Foxwell NT530 doesn’t include all the tested car models, when I ordered Foxwell NT530, I chose version “VAG”, after receiving the package, I followed the quick guide to register a member and downloaded VW from After the VW software was tested Ok, I ordered the above brands for 60usd per one.



Select “Audi”.

AG group vehicles are all included: VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, VW commercial.



Select “Diagnosis”.

Also have options: Common special functions, help information.



Select “Systems”.

The other options: SmartVIN, Manual Selection.



Select “Quick Scan (Common)”.

The other options:

Can Quick Scan (2005-)

Quick Scan (All)

Control Modules



Auto Scan Completed.

25-immobilizer Control system (Fault 1)



Back to select “Control Modules”.



Select “Common”.

The other options: Drivetrain, Chassis, Comfort / Conv., Electronics 1, Electronics 2, Electronics 3.



25 – Immobilizer Control system.



Have options:

Read codes

Freeze Frame

Clear codes

ECU information

Live data

Advanced ID

Active Test

Security Access (Login)

Basic Setting


foxwell-nt530-audi-immo-10 foxwell-nt530-audi-immo-11


Go on by following the on-screen guide.


Please enjoy.


As I know, Foxwell NT530 is the only Foxwell tool that can access to the IMMO system to perform diagnostic functions. Highly recommend.