Foxwell NT530 Porsche 996 OBD scanner – my experience

Question: Anyone have any experience with iCarsoft? Price point is better than Durametric, but is it as good? Any feedback is appreciated.

Answer: Have you considered the Foxwell NT530 Porsche Scan Tool? That is what I purchased. I haven’t used it much but it does do some cool things like test the guages, turn on rad fans to test etc. No problems at all with the 530 I bought earlier 2020 year, primarily for reading cam deviations, which it does nicely. I recall updating the scanner with the Porsche software, and on my Windows 10 PC, that went smoothly. I later acquired Durametric, which has obviated most uses of the Foxwell for me. But it will come in handy on my wife’s Infiniti QX80 and my ’54 Chevy 3/4 ton (JK).


Highly recommend you purchase Foxwell NT530 from below page, which is preinstalled with Porsche software:


Here are some users’ experience with Foxwell NT530 for Porsche 996:

Review 1.

I have a 530. It works great on my Porsche’s. Someone came across member registration and installation problem and then felt frustrated. You need to use a PC (except Mac), create your account, and update the software and firmware.

1). How to register a Foxwell member and download Porsche software into a PC.

2) Where to download Foxwell NT530 Newest Update Tool

Note: Foxwell NT530 is not compatible with Mac computer.


Here is PC user’s experience for sharing:

I got the NT530 a few weeks ago. I’m a PC user. A couple things that I found:

1). Make sure you have installed the correct software. There is a foxwell US site. It has the NT530 software. There is also a non-US site. Don’t use the non-US site. (I did this the first time). I know once I got the correct software, it all worked.

2). With respect to the MAC, I know that many times when we virtualize servers or even PC’s on intel platforms, we often get usb errors with a lot of difficulty accessing the usb. I would suspect that a MAC is no different. Borrow somebodies machine.


3). Open up the FoxAssist app/program on your PC, then connect your Foxwell 530 to your PC. Select update on your Foxwell 530. The app/program will populate whatever is loaded/licensed under the download tab.
Then select the file to download by checking the dot on the left. The update button at the top will be grayed out until you select at least one package.
All the while keeping the Foxwell 530 connected to your PC. After selecting update at the top of the screen, it should load and then show your current version the same as the upgradeable version.


Review 2.

I have the Foxwell 530, loaded with Porsche software (Item No. SC283-Porsche from It works well on my 996, can reset airbags (my car had a bagless wheel, since replaced)
I thought I read somewhere it could reset key remotes, but I can’t find that.


Review 3.

I recently ordered the Foxwell 530 and thought I ordered one without software. It came preloaded with BMW. I didn’t plan to add the BMW software but since it did that was fine I just had to order the Porsche software.

To add a second vehicle manufacturer it cost me $60, so not too expensive. Once you create an account and login with the Foxwell plugged in you can see what is installed on it and or what updates are available.

My biggest complaint was that it took two days from ordering the software to being able to install it on my Foxwell.

The unit I ordered was supposedly shipping from New Jersey but took 10 days to arrive.

I have Carly for Porsche but it doesn’t work at all for my 996, but works great for my BMWs so I was looking for a better tool.

I used the Foxwell on the 996 and was able to see much more than my only other tool OBD Fusion, so it was a great investment for me.


Review 4.

I’ve had a Foxwell 520 for over a yr and have had good luck with it. I’ve added GM and VAG software to it and it never misses a beat. Mine has been well worth the money. The process for adding software hasn’t been bad for me. It sucks the OP has had such a negative experience.


Review 5.

The 530 definitely shows cam deviations (The Foxwell 520 too):

Happy with mine (the 530, not the cam deviations but those will be fixed soon). The software update needs to be done on Windows, and the install program is a little wonky. First tried doing it via a Windows emulator on my chromebook, and that was a lost cause.

Foxwell NT530 Porsche 996 OBD scanner


Review 6:

After getting shipped two different NT510 Elite scanners with the wrong software, and discovering I couldn’t update them with a Mac VM, I was going to give up. However I found a good solution. There is a seller that updates and loads the correct Porsche software on the Foxwell NT530 before shipping.

I received my NT530 from them today, and it worked right out of the box on my 99 C2. It read and cleared my airbag fault code and showed me that the radio alarm switch is open, causing my alarm error. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

Those are both Porsche-specific systems that I couldn’t read with the generic OBD Fusion app scanner.


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