Foxwell NT530 users: please send us SN to change Language, otherwise…

To all Foxwell NT530 users:

The NT530 language is English as default when shipping. If you want to change a new language, please ensure send the Serial Number to to authorize the new language, if you change by yourself in the machine, it will bring you problem when you want to register and active.


Yesterday, one user feedback, he ordered Foxwell NT530 scanner and he wait to use it to diagnose Honda/Acura. But he came across “Foxwell NT530 activation: serial number error”.

He described his problem “Activated n053069xxxxxx. Tried to download the first software for Honda. Clicked on download, nothing happened.

I activated the nt530 using your website. When I tried to download the first software using FoxAssit, it showed that the product has been activated. Clicked on download, the s/n did not show up at the top, thus unable to continue the subsequent steps.

Foxwell NT530 users: please send us SN to change Language, otherwise… solution:

According to your screenshot images, I found you chose Chinese, if you need Chinese, you have to provide your serial number to authorize, then you can download the Honda Acura software. So it leads to the failure of software download.

Now, the Chinese Language is authorized for you, please try again.


Also please make sure the scanner has well connected with the computer via USD cable and then please click “Update” icon on the scanner display to enter the update mode.

Foxwell NT530 users: please send us SN to change Language, otherwise…



One more information, someone have no idea how to register, activate and download the car brand software.

Here guide you can follow:

Before updating your scanner, please make sure that you have created a Foxwell ID and you have activated your scanner.


  1. Launch the update tool FoxAssist by double clicking the desk Icon and login with your Foxwell ID and password.

FoxAssist download:

  1. Connect the foxwell nt530 scanner to the PC with the USB cable provided.
  2. Select Download then all the updates applicable to your tool display. Click Update button to start updating. Depending on the file size of the update packaging, the update time varies from one model to another.

For your information, Foxwell NT530 BMW software is an exception, because it is preinstalled with BMW software.