Foxwell NT630 ABS bleeding function can be used in GMC Sierra

I purchased this Foxwell NT630 scan tool for GMC Sierra ABS bleeding, read OBD and ABS codes etc, overall Foxwell NT630 does work as advertised, at least it did for me. In the following I’d like to conclude its advantages and disadvantages.

Foxwell NT630 ABS bleeding function can be used in GMC Sierra

I’m pretty impressed with it although it does have some pitfalls. It’s functionality is really good but it isn’t very intuitive to use and the screen can be really hard to read in the sunlight. As Neal says, it does feel a little cheap for a tool that does all it is capable of.

On the plus side it does come with a heavy duty detachable, and I assume replaceable, cable that is about 5 feet long. That is great because it allows you to be able to hold it so you can see it from under the hood of your vehicle if needed. The cheaper scan tools usually come with a cable about half that long that are permanently attached. And it does have a good, heavy duty, case that closes securely with sliding latches that should last a long time.

Right out of the box before updating it this tool was able to read OBD and ABS codes on all my vehicles. I have a 1999 S10 Blazer, 2001 Sierra, 2012 Equinox (all with V6 engines) and a 2009 T*** Camry (4 cylinder) that my daughter drives. It was able to show live data on all of them for OBD and ABS. It can perform several tests and operations on the ABS motor and valves in the ABS unit. It had no trouble finding the ABS code C0265 in my Sierra that is caused by a bad board in the ABS module. I had it scanned previously by a garage so I knew it was there.

It can also read and reset air bag codes but I didn’t dig into that.

Now for the star of the show…

Right out of the box It was able to do the ABS brake bleed procedure on my ’99 Blazer and my 2001 Sierra. I was surprised that it did such a thorough job cycling the brake pedal up and down several times while activating the pump and the valves in the ABS unit. I must say that I was skeptical that it would actually be able to do that but after using it my fears were laid to rest. I didn’t try the ABS brake bleed feature on my newer vehicles. I didn’t want to take a chance on screwing up the vehicles my wife and daughter drive just to test out a scan tool. I would never hear the last of it from them if I did. I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t be able to do equally well on the newer vehicles.

Manually input the VIN instead of Auto-vin:

Foxwell NT630 scan tools covers every brand of vehicle imaginable. Vehicles were listed in this tool that I had never heard of. The Auto-Vin feature worked perfectly for all my cars but the ’99 Blazer. When I tried to use Auto-VIN for the Blazer and it couldn’t find it – it asked me to enter the VIN in the box shown in the photos below. You had to use the arrow keys on the tool to move the cursor around the keyboard to select each digit of the VIN. The problem with doing that is you cannot see which character the cursor is on. The only indicator of which character the cursor is on is a red box around the character, which is only about 1/8″ square.

After giving up on the keyboard to enter the VIN for the Blazer I discovered you can manually enter it using a menu system that you go through to find your vehicle. It is quite cumbersome to use but it does work better than trying to enter the VIN with the keyboard.

Foxwell NT630 ABS bleeding function can be used in GMC Sierra

Foxwell NT630 ABS bleeding function can be used in GMC Sierra

Update Foxwell NT630: works

Updating the tool is a little clunky but it did work by following the instructions


Updating the tool is a little clunky but it did work by following the instructions that the seller provided. You have to download and install the FoxAssist software on your computer and then do a simple registration that requires an email address but surprisingly it didn’t ask for a name or other personal information. Even at that I scanned my computer with anti-virus and malware detection software every step of the process of updating the scan tool. I’m always leery of installing software on my computer that came from a foreign company that I know nothing about. Especially a Chinese company.


After installing the software and plugging in the scan tool via a provided USB cable, the update went smoothly although it did take a long time to complete. I did have to enter the serial number on the back of the scan tool into the software manually. It was supposed to auto-detect the serial number when I plugged in the scan tool but that didn’t work for me.


After the update I tested the scan tool again, including the ABS bleed procedure. I couldn’t tell that updating changed or helped anything. The FoxAssist software is supposed to allow you to print out reports from the scan tool and do some other things but I’ve not tried any of those features yet.



  1. All the text on this scanner’s screen is tiny. I have placed a yellow arrow pointing to the character that is highlighted with the red box in the photo. It’s all but impossible to see that red box around a character under any bright light conditions… even with your glasses on. I could only see the red box clearly in the dark.