Foxwell NT644 Pro software activation online or delivery?

Quoted a user’s email:

Hello I’m just inquiring about the NT644 Pro Software I purchased last year on December 27. I have been waiting for the delivery of my software and checked on any updates since its listed as being shipped on December 4th. Could you please let me know what is taking so long for it to arrive? Thankyou.

My order serial number is FW171127xxxxx.”

This is Emilia’s reply:

We have authorized the Foxwell NT644 Pro software online. You can update the software now.

And this user’s replied:

Thank you so much, have successfully updated the software and am very happy with the extra features on tool.

Therefore, it is easier to update Foxwell NT644 to Foxwell NT644 Pro to perform EPB+Oil+DPF+TPS/TBA+BRT.

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