Foxwell NT644 reviews on EPB, oil reset

Foxwell NT644 AutoMaster Pro – great professional service, tool arrived as scheduled delivery. Comes with a long lead so you can take the tool to the chassis number when needed. Great tool for its price, get one, you wont regret it and you will be stunned what it has to offer.

Already used on several vehicles 2008, 2011 Mondeos, 2011 Ka. Works well, no issues at present. Even discovered DTCs in my vehicles HVAC and Audio modules I did not know were present.

Test EPB function on 2012 year Porsche –yes

2014 Isuzu mux lst diesel 12V, Australian – No.

Cover abs and airbag on Australian ford and Toyota hybrid Camry – yes

(Tip: the workable year is different from one model to other; it covers up to 2015 year).

Foxwell NT644 can’t cover DPF, SAS, Bi-directional control tests.To realize these functions, please choose Foxwell NT510 or GT80.

(Tip: Foxwell NT510 support SAS and Bi-directional control tests)
And the support is tops. I had a commodore in, was surging at light throttle on the freeway, there were no fault codes set. I asked a few mechanic mates, they all said no idea. I called the guys at Foxwell, they asked me to describe the fault and said straight away to check the EGR system, he told me to disconnect it to see if the problem goes away when you drive it. it did.

The tool is awesome, but it’s also great to be able to call those guys and just get a second opinion.