Foxwell NT650 Elite vs Foxwell NT530: Which is Better?

Foxwell NT650 elite: all car makes, a dedicated service reset tool with ABS & SRS diagnostic function.

Foxwell NT530: most powerful (all system diagnostic, coding, adaptation, service reset, 23 car brands), a little cheaper than nt650 elite.


Comparison table between Foxwell NT650 elite & Foxwell nt530:

2019 New Model Foxwell NT650 Elite Foxwell NT530
Image Foxwell NT650 Elite vs Foxwell NT530: Which is Better? Foxwell NT650 Elite vs Foxwell NT530: Which is Better?
Target user Professional users More DIYers, also fit professional users.
Price 199usd 189usd
Vehicle Coverage Multi-car brands supported 23 car brands so far, the buyer will receive the device with one free car make, for more car brands you will pay an extra 60usd per brand, usually, you can add up to 5 makes and can more if the memory is big enough.
Works On All Electronic Systems Diagnostic function: only access to ABS and SRS systems.
OBDI and OBDII Compatiblity
Reads and Clear Codes
Reads Live Sensor Data and Graph
Records and Playbacks Live Sensor Data ×
Freeze Frame Data
ECU Information
EPB Service
Oil Light Reset
ABS Bleeding
Battery Configuration ×
DPF Regeneration
Active Test ×
Injector Coding
Gear Learning
Immoblizer × ×
Control Module Coding/Programming × ×
Quick Hot Keys
Screen Size 2.8′ TFT color screen 2.8′ TFT color screen
Touchscreen × ×
Updates Life-long free updates Life-long free updates


Foxwell nt530 user manual + function list:

Scroll down and you will see the table.


Foxwell NT650 elite user manual + function list:


Foxwell NT650 elite reviews: