Foxwell NT650 Feedback: cars, symptoms, test reports

Foxwell NT650 Feedback are put together in this post, in the form of cars, symptoms, test reports and using experience etc.

 Foxwell NT650 Feedback: cars, symptoms, test reports

  1. Car model: 2005 Honda Pilot

symptom: always gives me a error light once a while

Foxwell NT650 YES:

Can easily change the oil at home, to reset the oiling sensor.

To diagnostic my error code and I can order parts online to fixed it.


  1. Car model: many makes and models from 1998-2015. Vw, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan

Foxwell NT650 YES

Update was easy and fast as long as you read and follow the instructions.

The live data on this device is sufficient to diagnose problems. The Foxwell reads all the major systems you need.


  1. Foxwell NT650: Easy to use

you need to plug it in to a car/computer for it to actually turn on) it does a lot of functions for the costs and its light weight and comes in a hard case to keep it protected in a garage/car…


  1. Car model: Bentley, Mercedes or BMW

Foxwell NT650 YES

checks LOTS of parameters, and the real-time data and graphing are very helpful. The long connector cable allows me to drive while a passenger checks real-time data from the passenger seat. The front panel controls are pretty straight-forward as well.


  1. Reset check engine light on

symptom: Check engine light on

Foxwell NT650 YES

Hooked up the meter and found a misfire on cylinder three, found a bad coil that had been slowly dying.


  1. Car model: Honda, Nissan, Ford, Perodua, Vauxhall, Dacia etc

Foxwell NT650 YES:

– reset TPMS (tire pressure sensor). If you have a bad sensor on your wheel, you can install a new one and link it to your car. Without a tool like this, you’ll have to go a dealer and have them link the new sensor.
– reset TPS (throttle body alignment). If you’ve ever cleaned the throttle body, you know that it has to be reset. Many cars require a special tool, and this will do it. I recently used it on a 2007 Honda Odyssey.
– do Mode 6 testing
– run ABS (brake) tests and procedures



Data is stored on an SD card inside the device. Updates are done by inserting the SD card into your computer and running the updater software that you download from the Foxwell site. It comes with a USB SD card adapter so you don’t need an SD slot in your computer.

Car models: 2015 Passat TDI SEL Premium

symptom: getting the ABS/ESC/Airbag/TPMS lights on a drive to work

Foxwell NT650 YES:

able to clean all bogus codes (erroneous voltage readings, false positives, etc.) and focus in on the ones that mattered. The unit narrowed the problem right down to the left rear ABS/speed control sensor. After a quick trip to the local auto parts store, ($54USD for part) and a simple replacement, the car was back to working perfectly. The NT650 is extremely user friendly, powerful, and quick.


That’s all.




Foxwell NT650 is not a OBD2 diagnostic tool

Looking for diagnostic and service tool, go for Foxwell NT520 scanner.