Foxwell NT680 DIY Scanner For BMW x5, Audi A4, Honda CRV

It’s confirmed! Foxwell nt680 All Systems Scanner works on:

Car model and year:

2016 BMW x5

2008 Audi A4

2020 Honda CRV



Want a cost-effective scanning tool to read codes and reset coeds. I’d like to be able to determine what the check engine light means, reset codes etc…


Target user:



Foxwell tool advice:

Foxwell NT680 multi-system scanner

1 Foxwell Nt680


Here Foxwell NT680 function list:

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  1. Foxwell NT680 BMW X5

Bmw X5 Nt680 01 Bmw X5 Nt680 02


  1. Foxwell NT680 Audi A4 2008

Audi A4 Nt680 03


  1. Foxwell NT680 Honda CRV

Honda Crv Nt680 04