Q:Hello! I have a Foxwell NT650 elite and now I consider buying an NT680 Pro or NT644 Elite only because mine doesn’t have a complete scan option. May I ask which one is better and which one is able to operate with more cars? Thank you!

A: Foxwell NT680 pro is better than NT644 Elite.

They share the same basic OBD2 diagnostic function for all makes and all control system. The difference is Foxwell NT644 Elite comes with 19 kinds of special functions and NT680 PRO with 25 special functions.

Foxwell NT644 Elite special functions:


Foxwell NT680 PRO special functions:

BRT, CVT, DPF, EPB, gear learn, injector, odometer, oil reset, SAS,TPMS, TPS, bleeding, PFP, seat match, AFA, clutch, lang_change, windowsdoor, Turbo, Headlamp,

Transmission Adaption, Tcmoil, Airbag_Reset, Evap Test, Change_Tire_Size (Foxwell NT644 Elite has no the last 6 special functions).

The car list support you can check here:

Look at the comparison table Foxwell NT680 PRO vs. NT644 Elite:

Model FOXWELL NT680 Pro Foxwell NT644 Elite
Mux image NT680 PRO Foxwell Nt644 Elite
Vehicle Coverage Diagnostics: Cover 70 vehicle makes and more is coming soonMaintennace (25 kinds): Oil Light Reset/ EPB Service/ Battery Configuration/ DPF Coverage/ Throttle Body Alignment (TPS/TBA)/ Steering Angel Sensor (SAS)/ CVT/ Gear Learning / TPMS/ Odometer/ Injector Coding Diagnostics: Cover 70 vehicle makes and more is coming soonMaintennace (19 kinds): BRT, CVT, DPF, EPB, Gear learn, Injector, Odometer, Oil reset, SAS, TPMS,TPS, Bleeding, PFP, Seat match, AFA, Clutch, Lang_Change, Windows door, Turbo
Works On All Electronic Systems
OBDI and OBDII Compatiblity
Reads and Clear Codes
Reads Live Sensor Data and Graph
Records and Playbacks Live Sensor Data
Freeze Frame Data
ECU Information
EPB Service
Oil Light Reset
ABS Bleeding
Battery Registration
DPF Regeneration
Injector Coding
Gear Learning
Seat match
Windows door
Lang_Change (Language setting)
Headlamp ×
Transmission Adaption ×
Tcmoil ×
Airbag_Reset ×
Evap Test ×
Change_Tire_Size ×
Immoblizer × ×
Control Module Coding/Programming × ×
Multilingual Support
Quick Hot Keys
Screen Size 4.3′ FTF color screen 4.3′ FTF color screen
Operating System
Updates Life-long free updates Life-long free updates


In conclusion: Foxwell NT680 Pro wins!

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