Foxwell NT680 Pro replacement SD card: perfect support for 32GB

Many electronic devices support users to replace the memory by themselves, Foxwell also, it supports replacement of SD cards with 32GB. A user’s experience:

Problem with Foxwell NT680 Pro:

sometimes it goes into the menu after the initial foxwell screen but the best of times its hit and miss. the unit goes into ‘authorization mode’ and remain there until you press ‘enter’.

The unit has sat here beside me for the last 15 minutes with just the foxwell logo.

I’ve updated the updates whenever possible mainly by removing the sd card and updating it via my computer.

Foxwell NT680 Pro replacement SD card: perfect support for 32GB


Finally, problem solved with the assistance of

Firstly, many thanks for your reply to the problems I’ve been having with the Foxwell 680 Pro. As a matter of courtesy I’m replying to your email and hopefully the resolution I found to my problem may help other users.

I took your advice and formatted the SD card but to no avail. I tried another SD card but found it the same. I installed the original sad card ( low memory capacity) and found the unit went straight into the menu without fail. I ordered a new 32Gb SD card (same manufacturer) formatted card and reloaded the software. To date the unit has worked perfectly every time it was connected to a vehicle.


Thanks for this dear user’s experience sharing, hope it helps you!