Foxwell scanner for Land Rover,which one is the best?

I just ordered a multi-system Foxwell NT530 so I can use it on several of my other vehicles as well. That will probably leave my iCarsoft LRII unnecessary.

I read the cautions about the Foxwell, but I didn’t order the version that people seem to have gone for on here — went with a higher-end model. Will have to do some testing to see how effective it is. The Rover is the first vehicle I’ve owned with an OBDII port that I’ve had to do any work on, but now that I have a couple of others in addition a multi-vehicle tool seemed to make sense.

I use my NT510 more in my wife’s 2011 BMW X5 than my Disco 2.

Specialty options (adaptive settings) for Rovers: Foxwell NT530 yes, NT650 no:  

I can’t really recommend the Foxwell NT650 as anything all that special. It has deeper functions for some manufacturers and vehicles, but its specialty options for Rovers seems pretty limited. Can’t change adaptive settings, for example. There are other devices that do just as much on a Rover for less money, like Foxwell 530, it resets most of the of stuff that I require…

It can work:
read/clear all codes
activate all systems (yes, ABS, ACE, etc.)
read and program a new EKA code for your driver-side lock+key
program remote fob keys (well, maybe)
Change the VIN of your Disco2 recorded in your various ecus such as transmission, BCU, ECM, etc.
Clear all “adaptive” values such as your long term fuel values (extremely useful if you have changed any emissions components including O2’s, fuel injectors, spark plugs, etc.).

Foxwell scanner for Land Rover,which one is the best? Foxwell scanner for Land Rover,which one is the best?


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  1. Foxwell multi-vehicle tool. Requires a computer with Windows OS for software updates, but that’s the only downside I’ve found.


  1. Foxwell NT530 doesn’t recognize my ViN on D2 2003 and manual mode it says vin is invalid and ABS says no communications to SLABS even though my RWS Amigo sees it and clears codes… also cannot power-bleed with it…


I have to choose the Discovery 2 manually instead of let the tester automatically identify the VIN. The correct path is: LandRover–Manual selection–Discovery–1998-2004–ABS, then there will be less likely to report an error “ABS says no communications”.