sold one Foxwell NT644 to Hurst Injector Service Company

This post Focus on Foxwell NT644 scanner, and displays in the form of email dialogue bettween Hurst Injector Service Company and Emilia, after that is Foxwell Nt644 test report and Foxwell Nt644 compare with Autel MD802.

Jan 4, Hurst Injector Service

Paul xxx, the owner of Hurst Injector Service in Fitchburg, MA, sent one email. He described “I own a few scan tools for my business, including the Auto Enginuity laptop based product, OTC and Modus. So I am not really in the market for a new unit but many members of the forum are.

I don’t have any experience based recommendations for them so I have been investigating scan tools in the $300-500 price range, they desire more than a code reader but not expensive full bidirectional units either, this is what brings me to your product. Its appears the Foxwell NT644 Pro is far more capable than similar priced Autel and Innova units. Would Foxwell be interested in selling one of these at a reduced price for the purpose of me testing and fairly reporting my experience with it on the forum? If this unit is a capable as it seems I believe this would be just the product a lot of members are looking for.”

Jan 5,

Content: Thanks for your trust. We do not sale the NT644 pro version. We only have NT644 Automaster for All Brands All System+ EPB+ Oil Service Scanner. And we can offer you some discount on the NT644 for you to test its capability. May I know if it possible that you post report on the forum with the link of our website

As for the NT644, we can give you at XXXUSD and plus the shipping cost to United States which is about 25USD, so total is XXXUSD.

Jan 5, Hurst Injector Service

Thank you for your fast response. I intend on doing a full tool review and will certainly post the link you gave to the products. If the tool works as good as it claims this will be a big help to many as it offers more vehicle support and more functions.

I can buy one here for $XXX including shipping but that was a little more than I want to spend, I am paying this myself and is not funded by the forum, can you do anything with the price? If not I understand and I will try to get one at a later time but I am still interested in the Foxwell tools.

Then after confirm payment, shipping address and phone number, arranged the shipment to me, after shipped they sent me track number at

Foxwell Nt644 test report:

Real testing of Foxwell scanners on the internet are more helpful.

foxwell nt644 and autel maxidiag elite MD802 comparison table: sold one Foxwell NT644 to Hurst Injector Service Company