GM RELEARN CPK crankshaft position sensor with Foxwell NT510


I installed a new GM crank sensor and the CPM NEEDS TO RELEARN CPK crankshaft position sensor.

Tools to use:

GM tech2…Works

Foxwell NT510…Works

Foxwell NT624…Not works

GM tech2 VS Foxwell NT510 for GM:

GM tech2 does RELEARN CPK crankshaft position sensor. But if you want to buy a tool not only for GM, choose Foxwell NT510 scanner for GM.

Attach Foxwell NT510 GM function list:

Press Ctrl+ F to search “crankshaft”.

Using tip:

FYI, foxwell nt510 usually comes with no GM car software, after you receive the interface, click on to download GM software, for detailed instructions please click:

Note: not compatible with Ipad and MAC system .

foxwell nt510 update:

free lifetime after registration.

foxwell nt510 is able to add up to 5 car brands in total, there are 17 car brands in total, refer to