Good review on BMW & MiNI diagnosing and coding with Foxwell NT510 scan tool

This post collects real users’ good reviews on BMW & MiNI diagnosing and coding with Foxwell NT510 scan tool. They are all real test reports, hope it helps.

  1. I ordered one Foxwell NT510 last Saturday and per FedEx it is scheduled to arrive today. Just the simple fact it can code a battery makes it worth the price of admission.
  1. $179 for something like NT510 with one free car brand software that will retract EPB’s, codes and graphs on top of retrieving BMW specific codes is a good deal.
  1. Received mine Foxwell NT510 today. So far looks great. Everything very user friendly and basic tasks were done in few min after unpacking. Finally no extra lights on the dash. Had many errors and was delaying it, while trying to set up INPA and/or looking for other options.

Cleared almost all errors, now trying to figure out how to program FRM module (first error) and research second (A66A FZD READING FRONT LEFT) which seems to be the one of the reading lamps that has loose connection and i have to bend its housing a bit.

Later will pick up new battery and register that.

  1. I’ve had mine NT510 a few months. I also have the Foxwell NT510 Scan tool (professional version) as well. For the price, the Foxwell tool is worth buying for two reasons: 1) portability and durability, 2) It reads both OBDII codes and has all the functions of a BMW scan tool as well. I keep it in my car. And in fact used it today to read a check engine light (VANOS) solenoid.
  1. I bought the NT510 unit several months ago after my car wouldn’t start and it ended up at the dealership on a flatbed with me not having a clue of what was wrong. I mean Foxwell NT510 BMW scan tool has helped me a lot. It cleared the wear indicators on my transmission and transfer case fluid after I changed them and helped me diagnose a few other things.

It was because I didn’t have it to tell me what was wrong that the car ended up at the dealership.

  1. I set Foxwell NT510 to pull up the live data for the coolant and pump today. Worked like a charm.
  1. Foxwell NT510 has more than paid for itself with airbag & service resets and pointing me towards a faulty vanos (problem gone).

BTW, Mine were related to removing/installing seats on one car. The second car had the passenger occupancy sensor on the passenger front seat go bad.

None were steering wheel related.