Honda OBD2 Scanner, Foxwell nt530 or Honda HIM HDS?

Look at the comparison table: foxwell nt530 Honda scanner vs. Honda HDS HIM with double board vs. Honda HDS Cable:



Item Foxwell NT530/NT520/NT510 Honda HDS HIM with double board Honda HDS Cable
Image Honda OBD2 Scanner, Foxwell nt530 or  Honda HIM HDS? Honda OBD2 Scanner, Foxwell nt530 or  Honda HIM HDS? Honda OBD2 Scanner, Foxwell nt530 or  Honda HIM HDS?
Brand Foxwell Clone Clone
Software Check in “Help” center HDS V3.102.004 HDS V2.018.013
Update Free update Via software update link No
Language English, Chinese, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Thai, Hungarian English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Thai etc English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian
Operating System Windows XP/Windows 7 32/64-bit Windows XP SP3
Supported Honda/Acura year 1996-2017/2018 1996-2017 1996-2010
Laptop No Yes Yes
Bi-directional Yes Yes Yes
System Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, Wheel System… all control modules Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc. full system full system
Diagnostic Function Diagnostic and 11 special functions (Battery registration, TPS, TPMS, EPB, Oil reset, SAS, DPF, CVT, CKP,SPS reset etc)


Diagnostics, special functions and Active tests Diagnostics and Active tests
IMMO Programming No Yes No
ECU Programming No Yes No
Price in foxwelltool $189

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Compare Foxwell nt530 Honda scanner to dealer scanner (Honda HDS), some functions does not work:
Worksscan and clear all module DTC (eg, PGM-FI, AT, ABS, SRS etc..), except gauge control module. I can access body electrical, but unable to find gauge control module with this scanner.

Does not work – so far, tested shorting SCS, turn off fuel pump to release fuel pressure, non of them work. the screen is showing SCS is shorted, fuel pump is turned off, but actually they are not.

I bought Foxwell nt530 Honda scanner for work, dealer scanner sometimes takes long time to retrieve all DTC, and reset PCM/ECM, throttle body reset, etc,,, so I bought this scanner to do the job quicker and work my own car at home, however some functions does not work, so it is useless other than scanning and clearing DTCs.

If I can reset maintenance reminder on this scanner, that would have been better but does not offer maintenance reminder reset either.


To be upgrading…