How about Foxwell NT510 Elite work on MB W221 W220?

I already have my own MB C4 SDS (Star Diagnostic System) setup. I was looking for a simpler solution for code reading etc on my Mercedes S430 & E220CDI..

Came across with the new MB diagnostic toy- the Foxwell NT510 Elite multi-system scanner.

Pretty slow compared to IcarsoftMB2 must admit 5 – 10 minutes for quick test! But for a DIY user not a real concern. (530 model should be a little quicker) It DOES get into all modules no issues on both cars.

$149 Delivered in US which includes the purchase of MB specific software which is downloaded.

And unlike my Icarsoft it does know almost all of the proper fault code descriptions itself. You can also save the quick test and PDF it. Spot on results which match my SDS.

I was also able to perform actuations with the nt510. Like power the windows up & down etc. Some minor programming IS available such as suspension level calibration – brake test drive among other things. BUT not full coding capability like SDS but that’s to be expected at the price level. For example you could code the central gateway on my w211 but not the PSE pump on my W220. Pretty much all test actuations appear to be available though which sets is above just a code reader.

How about Foxwell NT510 Elite work on MB W221 W220?

I have also just purchased their 38 Pin adapter which is compatible with this reader. So it will be interesting to test that on my 140s and 500E.

How about Foxwell NT510 Elite work on MB W221 W220?

I recieved the 38 pin adapter and tried the unit on my 500E:

How about Foxwell NT510 Elite work on MB W221 W220?

Unfortunately, it does NOT connect to a 500E at all. There is no option to select a 124 in the menu. Nor does ob2 work on the 500E I tried it all.

It does have 140s listed however and connected fine to my w140 S280 after the 500E. For those 140 models which only have 38 pin diagnostics (and no blink reading that I am aware of but I could be wrong) it could be a much cheaper code reader and live data provider than MB Star setup.

I see today when I connected my SD card to my computer there was a newer Foxwell MB software update release. Will have to check that again on w220 maybe the newer software is better.

Overall first impressions are for the price this is a pretty accurate and solid Mercedes Code reader and test functions for a novice DIYer. It is not however a replacement for SDS. But a second best solution and above the Icarsoft MB2 for sure in terms of functionality.

Just a tip for anyone of you who have newer MB models and would like a small glovebox code reader which can see ALL modules in a Mercedes.