How to reset Jaguar XJ ( X351 ) Service Required warning message?

Have Jaguar XJ ( X351), is there a way to reset the Service Required warning message? Do-It-Yourself.


You won’t be able to find a way to reset the warning without the code reader that enables a reset.


Then which code reader?

To reset the service indicator takes the factory SDD setup or a very good after market tool. Foxwell NT510 is the very good after market tool, I purchased the Foxwell NT510 SPECIFICALLY for that purpose. Yes, it DOES reset the indicator. Cost is $155. give or take, depending where you get it.

I got it from


Foxwell NT510 won’t work until you complete two things:

One thing is register a ID on the official site, the basic need is machine serial number and password. Then login your Foxwell ID and password.


Another thing is follow the instructions to download any available software on Jaguar.


I am sure you can do it by following this step-by-step instruction.


That’s all.

Good luck!