How to reset TPS UK Honda Civic 8th Gen with Foxwell NT510?

I will introduce my Foxwell NT510 scanner, I want to use it to reset TPS UK Honda Civic 8th Gen.

Here we go for procedure.

Before doing that, we need to upload the Honda software first then we are going to play on the car.

This is software download screen, takes the SD card out of the computer and insert it into the computer’s SD slot, hopefully it can upload the Honda software for me.

Login with user name and password.

Then take the sd card back into the machine.

Have Honda software on the NT510 screen.
Plug NT510 to the car, turn on ignition.
Press the button “Enter”
reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-05 reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-06

Go to live data

Custom list
reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-07 reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-08

Back to “Complete list”
So what we want to look at “TP”…78.8%
What we want it go to 100%, I’m not sure this car is running or not, let’s respect this 18%, so let’s go for the manual now.

Press the “Back” button to the home menu, choose “Honda” then “Enter”, loading data, please wait…
We want to go to “Europe”

Diagnostic system initializing, please wait…
Check system just come on there…
reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-12 reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-13

It says “Loading data…”

Let’s go down to the next “Control Unit”.

Enter “PGM F1”

It says “Diagnostic system initializing please wait…”

Go to 12 TP Position Check
reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-18 reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-19

Press “Enter” and it says “HDS will confirm if the throttle position learning value is within proper limit.
Do you wish to continue?”, press “Yes”

Do you wish to reset the TP learning value? If you do not clean the throttle body, some problems may occur.
Press “Yes”

TP learning value has been cleared. Clean the throttle body. Refer to the service manual.
If not, some problems may occur, press “Yes”.

So let’s go to check, so choose “Live Data” and press “Enter”.

Go down to “TP sensor”  and press “Enter”.

TP sensor 18.037% and float to 78.812%
reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-25 reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-26

Back to the home menu, next turn NT510 machine off.
Turn the ignition off and turn on, let’s keep the fingers cross.
reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-27 reset-tps-uk-honda-civic-8th-gen-with-foxwell-nt510-28

Foxwell NT510 reset TPS UK Honda Civic 8th Gen successfully.

So this Foxwell NT510 is fantastic, I’m going to do more with it.