How to use Foxwell NT624 to diagnose Nissan 2001 GU Patrol (Y61)?

Car model and year:

Nissan 2001 GU Patrol (Y61) with a 4.8 lt petrol


Kept going into limp home mode and could not drive it (well).

Nissan Scanner to use:

Foxwell NT624 scanner.

Reason to use: It did an auto scan of all the control units on the Nissan pretty quickly.All my diag tools are laptop based and it’s a bit of a pain dragging the laptop out and waiting for it to boot up just to reset a service light or something, so having a stand alone tool like this for quick & dirty diagnosis & resets would be pretty good.

Trouble code to read out:

We fist checked the engine ECU for fault codes. we found:

PO134 H02S1 (B1) – Heated O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1

P1122 ETC FUNCTION/CRC – Throttle Body Actuation -Electronic Traction Control

P1123 ETC Mot RLY/CRC – Electronic Traction Control – Motor Relay

As per usual we cleared the codes in case they where caused during a previous inspection / repair.

Clearing the codes left the fault code:

P1122 ETC FUNCTION/CRC – Throttle Body Actuation -Electronic Traction Control

A quick check of the live data for the Throttle Body motor, when graphed against the Throttle Position Sensor, revealed that the throttle body motor was in-fact intermittently faulty. Causing a correlation error -Throttle position sensor not accurately reflecting the a accelerator position sensor.

Next we decided to do a quick check on the fault code:

PO134 H02S1 (B1) – Heated O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1

As this would take a drive cycle (potentially) to reset. We naviaged to the live data for the both O2 Sensors and graphed them together. With O2 Sensors, the general rule of thumb is to see them switch between rich and lean (0.1 -ish- and 0.9 -ish- Volts) around 8 times over 10 seconds at 2000 rpm. Watching each O2 sensor signal we counted the crosses (switching between 0.1 – 0.9) and found that wile the bank 2 (rear) sensor was crossing around 5 times (a lazy sensor) the bank 1 (front) was struggling to make 3 crosses. Both sensors where more often on the lean side. So although not technically a current fault, I suggested that Troy also replace his O2 sensors as they are both currently lazy -one more so than the other- and likely to need replacement in the future.

Where I got Foxwell NT624 scanner?

I ordered NT624 scanner at which is an authorized dealer at China, the dealer response to my email and message quickly and kindly, I receive my package by DHL for 5 days to America. It allows me to update at for 18-month free. I was charged $279 free shipping; to me it’s worth the money.