How to use Foxwell NT624 to reset Rang Rover Sports 2011 check engine light?

Today we’re gonna review a Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT624 on a Rang Rover Sport 2011 which has check engine light on.

So we got a Rang Rover Sport 2011 and we got a check engine light. So we’re gonna see if this Foxwell NT624 can fix it. So let me just demonstrate what’s going on.

Start the car.

Yes, we got check engine light.

Plug the OBDII connector into the OBDII port.

Power on NT624.

Load data, please wait.

Let’s quick enter.


Codes found one, alright.

Read codes.

Stored codes.

Ok, how do we clear this code, so let’s go back, that’s a “Erase codes” option.

Please wait…

The selected mode is not supported.

So, let’s go ahead and turn on the ignition.


Back to the “OBD” option, enter.

Loading data, please wait.




Alright, press “F3”.


Press “Back” to exit diagnostic system.


Enter “OBDII”.


Codes found one.


Press “Enter”.


Read codes.

Stored codes.

Go back to erase codes.


Erase done.


Unplug the cable.

Turn off the car, start it again.

Oh, all gone, look at that, beautiful.

So that is a year race 2 codes on Range Rover using a Foxwell NT624, probably need to fix that sure. Whatever it worked.