Land Rover Discovery II diagnostic tools and brake bleeding

Car model and year:

Land Rover Discovery II 3 amigos



got the 3 amigos and it came with the bonus of the hand brake light and a p1590 code.


What I did:

My first thought was to check the brake fluid. It looks like a rodent has chewed on the cap some, not bad enough to completely open it up, but I’m replacing it either way. I tested the brake fluid and it’s at 3% so I know I need to replace the brake fluid ASAP.


My question is:

Since I need to flush the brake fluid AND turn off the 3 amigos in order to get my tags renewed (thank you Tennessee) should I just bite the bullet and buy a diagnostic tool? I don’t know of anyone near me (I’ve asked before) that has one I can borrow, and the independent mechanic will charge more than what it would cost me to do it myself. I’ve seen people mention the Autel al619, the Hawkeye and the Foxwell NT510 (the ABS Amigo seems like it’s a one trick pony). Is there one that’s better than the others? I’d prefer not to spend too much on one, but I also want to get one that’s going to stick around for a while.


Experience with icarsoft lrii:

I have the icarsoft lrii that has seen me right for almost everything I’ve needed a code reader for on this truck, at a much more manageable price than the ones you mention. i had to borrow one to do programming for things like converting from air springs to coils and turning off superlock, but it will read codes for all of the systems and will reset errors,
p1590 could be from a bad wheel sensor. i was able to diagnose that with the icarsoft, including which wheel was the problem one.


Experience with Foxwell NT520

1) Foxwell NT51 user here. Seriously that + UltraGauge are the most important tools you can have. Highly recommend getting both of them. For Foxwell NT520, you can download software for other cars, so if you have a few vehicles in the household, it’ll pay for itself.


2) I actually bought a Foxwell NT520 over the weekend. It had really good reviews so I bit the bullet. I plan on keeping the Disco as long as it will have me. It got a new engine at 80k so I have less to actively worry about.


3) If you plan to hold onto the Disco, get a good diagnostics tool.
Nanocom > Foxwell NT520 > iCarsoft > paying a garage to do it


4) Foxwell NT520 does all the basic stuff; gets/clears ABS codes, can change some settings, activate bleed, etc, but getting it to do anything else is a crapshoot and not very intuitive. You def. get what you pay for and for the price it’s not bad.



This is exactly what I used for the longest until I got the Foxwell and Nanocom to power bleed my brakes…

Land Rover Discovery II diagnostic tools and brake bleeding


And inserted the spades into the #3 & #5 sockets of ABS relay R10 under the hood…

Land Rover Discovery II diagnostic tools and brake bleeding


Experience with Delphi DS150:

1) I have the Delphi DS150 – about $35 on ebay, full bleeding, abs diagnositics, code clearing.

Windows computer only and it comes with the Delphi program for all makes and models of cars and SUVs and the OBDII connectors for the different cars. There is a another Delphi program for commercial vehicles too.


2) I also have a Delphi 150. It caused me a headache and a lot of extra work a year ago when I got the Amigos. The DS150 showed codes for the right rear sensor – erratic and no output. I found a dead mouse laying on that sensor, so it made sense.

I replaced the sensor with one that ran all the way to the SLABS ecu. Problem solved for a few days, then the codes returned. I double checked my work, and all seemed good. I figured I had a defective sensor (got it from Rockauto). Returned it and got one from RoversNorth. (A short one this time, and returned the wiring back to original). Again problem solved for a few days.

I finally used the graphing features of the software to watch the sensors in real time, and found the left front sensor dropping out!

So, while the left front sensor was the issue, the DS150 was erroneously reporting a code for right rear.

Replaced the left front sensor, and the Amigos were vanquished.


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