Mazda BT 50 2014 head lights diagnosis with Foxwell NT520

Foxwell NT520 is confirmed to clear fault codes from Mazda BT 50 2014 model head lights as I keep losing low beam and having to take it to the dealer to get the chassis ecm cleared of faults.


Foxwell NT520 Mazda function list free download

Incl. car models, capacity, Engine type, year, module, read codes, erase codes, read live data, active test, special functions etc.


How to use Foxwell NT520 Mazda scanner?

Foxwell NT520 comes with no car software as default, you can download one software for free from,  (Can’t support Ipad and MAC system now.)

Please follow the instructions:

PS: This page includes how to update Foxwell NT520 Mazda scanner, Foxwell NT520 Mazda scanner is free for lifetime after your purchase. You

can update the scanner via USB connection instead of SD card.


Also, Foxwell NT520 Mazda scanner is multi-language available incl.

English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese.


And allow users to add up to 5 car brands among 19 car brands (shown as below), and one brand for 70USD.

Mazda BT 50 2014 head lights diagnosis with Foxwell NT520 

Therefore, Foxwell NT520 is a good investment especially for a DIYer. Owing one tool and you can troubleshoot all cars what your family have.