Paid a Foxwell NT510 scanner at foxwelltool and shipping took 2days from US

I have a 2001 bmw 530i and need to find a tool that does OBD scan, abs, srs and will reset all, then I am recommended the Foxwell NT510 scan tool and paid at, it works like a charm I am very satisfied.

I would like to do a quick review on the NT510 and hope it would help anyone. 

Shipment and custom: Paid $179 free shipping and charged no custom, shipping took 2 days as they claimed they have USA warehouse.

Package and software:

The device was well packaged; every item was in good shape, open the Nylon Carry Pouch, as you can see it contains one NT510 handheld scanner, one CD software, one USB Cable, one Memory Card and user’s Guide.

Register and add software:

The NT510 machine comes with no software, the first thing I have to do is follow their instruction and register a ID at the official site page and download the software, meanwhile provide foxwellshop my NT510 serial number for adding BMW software.


They claim foxwell tools 18-months software free upgrade and one year quality guarantee, after 18 months the update cost is 60USD per year.


Add more than one car make software:

NT510 scanner is shipped with one manufacture software for free and can cover up to five vehicle makes (BMW, Fiat, American Ford, Chrysler, GM, Honda & Accura, Hyundai & Kia & Toyota & Lexus, Sicon, Land Rover & Jaguar, OPEL & Vauxhall, VAG group models) at only $70 per make(with include update fee and PayPal fee).


Compare with BMW INPA:

INPA is a diagnostic tool typically used with a laptop and a special OBD2 cable. It can be tricky to set up (I have used it on my R58 and an R50) but it’s capable of an amazing array of diagnostics and controls.

So, for people who don’t want to bother to install driver on PC and may take hours if any issue happened, Foxwell NT510 is the best choice, it is SO MUCH EASIER to use than INPA.

Where to Get Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner?

I bought from the authorized dealer, the customer service is helpful when I have any issue, they response quickly.