Porsche 996 (1997-2005) diagnose gear with Foxwell NT510 scanner €132

Has anyone tried the iCarsoft POR II equipment on an early 996?

I have found a full PIWIS set-up incl laptop… for €1355, however this icarsoft gear is only around £150 so I’m feeling it might be worth a try. Trouble is I have now bought 4 of these cheaper readers (£30-70 region) and they aren’t really much good.

Any thoughts on whether a system upto say £150 is worth bothering with would be much appreciated?

I’ve just spoken to another company call Foxwell who make the NT510 scanner and they seem suggest for around €132 it is the best system for the 996. So I just ordered this.

I’ll let you know what it’s like and how deep it can go to.

Attach Foxwell NT510 scanner package of pretty high quality of main unit with a 16pin cable, a box printed function, a thick user manual etc.



Can read & erase for airbags, engine and similar mainly, can reset airbag light & reset oil change service light etc. This Foxwell NT510 code reader is perfect for the home mechanic. I own two Porsches so I bought the Porsche specifics version. You can also buy other vehicle modules online for about $60. I also own a couple of Chevy’s so I will probably get that module too. Ready to use and detailed information. Seems to have good online support.


FYI, I attach the Foxwell NT510 Porsche function list on 996:



For newest update, I visit official site www.foxwelltech.com, it claims Foxwell NT510 update free lifetime.


Anyway, Foxwell NT510 for Porsche is good for the money.