Porsche 996 reset airbag light & oil change service light – Foxwell NT510 OK

Have Porsche 996 1996 – 2004 to reset airbag light & reset oil change service light? Recommend to own Foxwell NT510, it can work.

Here Foxwell NT510 on Porsche 996 what works:

Porsche 996

Here Foxwell NT510 on Porsche what works, it shows a lot of fault read/clear on various systems.



Foxwell NT510 Porsche scanner best price: $155 incl. shipping & free update lifetime (on www.foxwelltool.com)


To go for Foxwell NT510, it’s very nice to add up to 5 car brands if your family have more cars or you change new cars in the near future, Foxwell NT510 works on following brands:

  1. Chrysler
  2. GM
  3. Honda, Acura
  4. Hyundai, Kia
  5. Toyota, Lexus, Sicon
  6. Land Rover, Jaguar
  7. OPEL, Vauxhall
  8. VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda
  9. BMW , Mini
  10. Fiat
  11. American Ford
  12. Mazda
  13. Maserati
  14. Ferrari
  15. Aston Martin
  16. Volvo