Reset 2004 BMW 325i transmission fault code using Foxwell NT530

Foxwell NT530 scanner help read out the fault codes when 2004 BMW 325i has Transmission fault code, next is to troubleshoot the problem by finding a reputable shop…


Car model and year: 2004 BMW 325i


Error: Transmission fault code (The transmission downshifts hard between 2 and first).


Using Foxwell NT530 scanner to read the fault codes have gotten 2 codes:
91 EGS: CAN torque reduction
13 EGS: Solenoid, shiftlock




Is the fluid level where it should be?
Has the transmission ever been serviced?

Which auto trans do you have. I think there was a GM and a ZF and best way to tell is by the oil pan. I’m not well versed in auto trans troubleshooting but 88k miles is low for a transmission to have catastrophic issue, even the dreadful automatics that have not been serviced.

BMW sourced automatic transmissions from GM of France and ZF of Germany. How to tell which is in your car? The fluid pan in the GM transmission has smooth sides. The pan in the ZF transmission is ribbed. The GM transmission uses Dexron3 fluid. The ZF transmission uses a more exotic fluid.


How to do?
The first step in diagnosing a problem is to scan both the engine computer (DME in BMWspeak) and the automatic transmission computer (EGS) for codes. Again it may be something simple like low fluid. Find a reputable indie shop that specializes in bimmers at The shop needs to have all of the BMW proprietary software to properly scan the computers.


This chart will also identify which transmission you have.