Reviews: Foxwell nt530 Chrysler Crossfire 06 – 08

Does Foxwell nt530 work on Chrysler Crossfire? Here is the test review from Customer experience for you check:

So in thread the discussion turned to what different scanners could do. Ronman came across information on a new scanner and provided this information:
“This Foxwell scanner claims it can change the 75mph warning and even claims to train TPMS if I read it correctly.

I was intrigued in that the list of capabilities matched the dealership scanners I own, but it’s available at a very low cost. It’s available on Amazon for $249, and this Foxwell website for $160 through a “September” sale.

I purchased the scanner through the Foxwell website using Paypal, and received it in four days. When I ordered it I selected the Chrysler program option. I was surprised and disappointed it did not come loaded with the Chrysler program. I had to download a Foxwell program to my Windows computer and install it. Using the program I selected the Chrysler program and downloaded the related files. I connected the scanner to my computer through the USB port and selected update on the computer program to transfer the files.

Initial testing of the scanner was very disappointing. It could not automatically identify the Crossfire. I had to manually select the year and model car. Even then it could not communicate with the 06 Crossfire I first tested it on. I then tried manually selecting 2008 Crossfire NAFTA and found it would communicate with both the 06 Crossfire and the 08.

The following covers my testing results so far:

2006 – The function did not work. It did not recognize the magnet was being applied to the tire sensor.

Reviews: Foxwell nt530 Chrysler Crossfire 06 – 08


2007 – I could not test my 07 Is a Special Edition and it does not have a TPMS

2006 – The scanner could not talk to this module.

Reviews: Foxwell nt530 Chrysler Crossfire 06 – 08


2007 – The scanner could talk with the car and there were over 100 related sensors that can be read.

Reviews: Foxwell nt530 Chrysler Crossfire 06 – 08

Convertible Top ECM
2006 – Is a coupe could not test
2007 – Found it could read all of the top sensors and switches.

Air Bag Warning Light Reset
2006 – I tried both disconnecting both the passenger seat occupant sensor for the airbag, and removing airbag fuse F2. Both gave warning lights but automatically reset when I turned on the car. I may have to actually unplug an air bag to test this.

2006 – No communication
2007 – No communication

IC Instrument Cluster
2006 –
2007 – Gives you the option to select 58 items to check. I did not try all of them. It appears to provide a lot of data.

Reviews: Foxwell nt530 Chrysler Crossfire 06 – 08


For the TPMS, Powertrain/ECM, Convertible Top ECM, Air Bag Warning Light Reset

Some will work if you say it is a Mercedes SLK320.