Skoda Roomster 2011 oil reset using Foxwell NT644 Pro

Post topic: How to use Foxwell NT644 Pro reset oil values on Skoda Roomster 2011.


Vehicle: Skoda Roomster 2011

Function to perform: oil reset

Tool to use: Foxwell NT644 Pro



  1. This is dizzle on when I turn on, as you can see it is flashing on serve

foxwell-nt644-pro-oil-reset-skoda-roomster-2011-01 foxwell-nt644-pro-oil-reset-skoda-roomster-2011-02

  1. Go to the “Oilreset”

foxwell-nt644-pro-oil-reset-skoda-roomster-2011-03 foxwell-nt644-pro-oil-reset-skoda-roomster-2011-04


  1. Vehicle selection


  1. So we go “Auto reset”



  1. “Small maintenance” or “High maintenance”


  1. We just click “Small maintenance”, enter



  1. We do “15000 km/365 day”



  1. The new values have been set success!

Oh, done.


foxwell-nt644-pro-oil-reset-skoda-roomster-2011-08 foxwell-nt644-pro-oil-reset-skoda-roomster-2011-09


  1. so turn ignition off and turn on again, so you can see no voice service light.


That’s how quick.

This is just briliant as you can see when we go back the opration we have the “High maintenance”.

To be continued…