Solution to Ford Transit Custom Coolant problem / power loss / limp mode

This article starts with the problem: I’m sure mine is faulty, but at the other extreme, the vehicle Ford Transit Custom won’t warm up.  I’ve had it back to the dealer twice but they just say the diagnostic shows no fault. It looks like there’s a pattern of failures developing for the Euro6 engine coolant housing. I’ve just started correspondence with Ford Customer Relationship Centre about the unresolved problem.


Solution 1:

Does sound like yours is faulty as you say failing open.
Do you have access to any diagnostic kit to plug in to your van? When my van was playing up I used my relatively cheap Foxwell NT530 scan tool to view coolant temp whist driving. I could see the temp rising at constant vehicle speed. I was able to control the coolant temp with the fan blower. The Foxwell tool allows me to save data so I could review it later. You could present this to the dealer?
Or take a Ford Tech up the road with there diagnostics so you can both see coolant temp live. Might be able to prove the van cannot control water temp.


Additional info:

Here you can free download Foxwell NT530 Ford scan tool function list.

incl. coverage, obd2 diagnostic functions and special functions.

Solution to Ford Transit Custom Coolant problem / power loss / limp mode


Solution 2:

Can anyone quote the normal operating temperature for the 2.0 EcoBlue 130PS engine is please?
There’s nothing in the handbook except to state the coolant capacity is 8litre
Mine is typically 63degC after 5 miles
I can’t concentrate too much on the Autel AL519 diagnostic tool while driving.
I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to data and printing but I’ll have a bash at producing a report for the technician.



  1. Looks too cool imho, however Ford may not value the calibration and therefore the implied temperature of a third party diag tool.


  1. I think the thermostat would open at 90 degrees C, or there-abouts. so the coolant should run constantly at 90 degrees once the vehicle has reached operating temp.
    I’m wondering if that’s normal to only get to 65 degrees after 5 miles? As you say theres 8 litres of coolant and about the same of engine oil to bring up to temp. might be normal this time of year?


Thanks to @ Chrisp74 and @wild camper