The difference in function between the Foxwell and the schawaben branded units

Question: So can anybody confirm the difference in function between the foxwell and the schawaben branded units? The Schwaben unit costs an extra $20 and is a different color, is there anything else lol?

Answer: yes both are 100% the same but the black and grey color. I will explain… Foxwell is the maker of the software and producer of the tool. So, Schwaben and ECS gets their support from Foxwell. I bought the identical scan tools, Foxwell NT510 but at a better price than at ECS, BTW at Don’t get me wrong I support them but I get my support directly from Foxwell. Best tool ever, IT CAN do everything. Enjoy.

Mine works great. Found my “SES” light was from a dirty solenoid. Cleaned it (not replaced) and it fixed the problem….that right there saved me $140. Damn near paid for itself on the first day.

Certainly is a good tool that seems to be pretty reliable and easier to use than a PC based system. I carry mine in my car and you just plug it up and start checking systems out.