Which Foxwell on DPF Regeneration, Steering alignment and Airbag light?

Question: I am interested in buying one of your scanners, however its quite confusing.

I require a scanner which has DPF Regeneration, Steering alignment and Airbag light to switch off, which scanner is the best, less than $300.

Answer: If you just need to work on one vehicle, you are advised to use Foxwell NT520


Question: I bought the NT510 Pro yesterday with BMW program, however I was really interested in buying the NT644, The only reason I didn’t buy it is because it has less functions than the NT510 what is the difference between them as I could not find anything.


You can have a look at this thread: http://www.foxwellsupport.com/foxwell-nt520-vs-nt510-vs-nt644-vs-nt624-vs-nt414/


Generally speaking: the NT644 pro will support more vehicles, but will not cover all functions of NT510/NT520. Because the NT510/NT520 share the same software as GT80 series. Please kindly note. However, it is still a good choice if you need to work on multi-brand vehicles.